Red Crow FMCG Futures Summer Internship programme

What does fmcg stand for?


The magic of the FMCG Industry is its famous brands. These are the brands that are found in every home, in every shop, in every corner of New Zealand.

These are brilliant brands from world class companies that constantly need fresh thinking to keep them competitive, appealing, available and famous. 

Why work in this industry?

IT'S FAST - You'll never have a dull moment

From a split second purchase decision at shelf, the production capability measured by the minute, the overnight sales results on a new campaign or the thousands of competing new innovations launched every year, everything about the FMCG sector is fast.  It’s an industry in a constant race against itself to be better, cheaper, more efficient. And it’s getting harder and more exciting every year. Consumer habits are evolving quickly and to be in a winner in this industry you need to keep up.
So you can be pretty sure that in an FMCG career, there’s never a dull moment.

IT'S MOVING - A diverse experience

There’s a wide range of choices when it comes to career paths in FMCG, and you are unlikely to stay in any position for long.  Helping FMCG products off the shelf and into shopping baskets involves a wide range of different types of skills, so there are a lot of different career paths in the sector.  It offers real jobs and real responsibility right from the get-go, with the flexibility to move disciplines inside a company, between companies and even internationally.  Success in an FMCG career might take you from a small local player to a large multinational –or the other way round.
In any case, you can be sure that FMCG careers take you places.

IT'S CONSUMER - Touches peoples lives everyday

In an FMCG business, your career will touch the lives of millions, on a daily basis.  It’s an industry which is personally relevant to everyone –“you may put off buying a car but you don’t put off dinner”. Expect everyone you know to have an opinion on what you do.  It can be good or bad but it’s never boring.  You’ll have the chance to work for some of New Zealand’s most treasured and iconic brands.    Brands that, in their own way, make a small difference to our everyday to by making us feel happier, satisfied, confident and healthier.  And, as FMCG  businesses become ever more socially and environmentally aware, you’ll have an inside seat on the future of our consumer world.

IT'S GOOD - Always in demand

An FMCG career gives you the opportunity to become really good at what you do.  It features employers that believe in investing in people and learning.  You’ll have the opportunity to show up with what you know, and build on your skills, passion, personal values and beliefs.  Your mastery of your discipline combined with unparalleled insight into what makes people tick means that you’ll always be in demand both within and outside the sector.



Category Planning

Customer Marketing

Key Account Manager

Key Account Manager

"Unlike some industries, such as automobiles, computers and airlines, FMCG does not suffer from mass layoffs every time the economy starts to dip. You may put off buying a car, but you don't put off dinner."
Tim Morris

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